Composer Anu Malik

” I lost a father twice. The first time when Bakshi saab passed away. The second, when my own father did. When Bakshi saab passed away, I told my own father, Sardar Malik, Dad I lost a father today. ” @ Anu Malik. Feb 23 2013.

“We arrived at Bakshi ji’s house for a song sitting for Sohni Mahiwal. My producer Mr Mehra and I, hesitatingly suggested to Bakshi ji if we can use a verse I had written for the song he was going to write for the film Sohni Mahiwal. Bakshi ji told me to narrate the verse to him. I narrated the verse I had writtem, “Sohni Meri Sohni, Aur Nahin Koyi Honi Sohni, Rab Se Ziyaada Tere Naam Leta Hoon”. Bakshi ji pondered for a while and then told us, ‘We cannot use the verse you have written’ I felt angry that Bakshi ji is rejecting the verse I have written because Bakshi ji has an ego that a newcomer like me has dared to suggest such a good verse to a veteran like “Bakshi Sahab”. However, I concealed my anger and asked Bakshi ji politely, ‘Why cannot we use my verse?’ Bakshi ji thought for a while and replied, ‘Because what you have written is offensive to God. Ideally, a man’s love for God should not be lesser than his love for a human, even if he she is his beloved. It is disrespecting our Ceator.’ Then he thought for a while, and said, ‘However, if the Producer and you like the verse you have written, and want me to use your verse in my lyrics, we can, but we cannot use it unless we add another verse to your verse.’ And in 2 seconds Bakshi ji wrote, “…..RAB MUJHE MAAF KARE, MERA INSAAF KARE”, and he explained to us, ‘Since your verse means that the lover has gone ahead and loved his beloved more than his God, then he must seek God’s forgiveness. So by adding the verse I have written to your verse the lover can honour his beloved Sohni, as well honour his greater respect and love for God. That would complete the mukhda and be correct for our respect for God.” When I heard the reasoning behind why Bakshi ji had rejected my verse, and then immediately he offered us a solution too, I felt guilty that I had suspected he has an ego and because of his ego he had first rejected my verse. I was humbled by his humility and his deep understanding of God and man.”

(Told to me by Anu Malik – Rakesh Bakshi)

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