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This effort (Anand Bakshi’s filmography attached at the bottom of this page) is the gratitude I owe by daddy for the values and comfort we all received from him, and the affection his fans share for him and the people who co-created his songs, the music composers, musicians, singers, directors, actors, writers…. of his films. Primarily, Daddy’s love was the shade of flowers for us.


Moreover, when daddy was around, I knew him just as my “Daddy”, not as ‘geetkar Anand Bakshi, the lyricist”; this effort of love, over 18 years has introduced me to daddy as the lyricist and gradually I became his fan too; a massive fan!


This effort of love by me is dedicated to his fans, to my daddy, to his poet (ghazals) & editor friend Bismil Saeedi (fromTonk and Delhi) who nurtured him in writing shayari, and his dear friend (Indian Western Railway ticket collector) Chhitar Mal Swaroop (of Agra & Bombay).


Thanks also to the songs’ co-creators – music composers, singers, directors, musicians, sound recordists, story writers, producers, cinematographers, actors….. it is always team work, no one is an island.


Filmography link dated 21st July 2021: 

Rakesh Anand Bakshi 

Biography ‘Nagme Kisse Baatein Yaadein’ English: here
‘नग़मे किस्से बातें यादें’ हिंदी संस्करण मुफ़्त में यहां पढ़ सकते हैं:यहाँ क्लिक करें
ई बुक (किंडल संस्करण) 351 रुपये में यहां उपलब्ध है:यहाँ क्लिक करें