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In his song writing dairy, on the very first page, he would write the following affirmation, whenever he began writing in a fresh book:

“I am a being of divine light and power. I have access to all that the universe has to offer. I can reach out and take or do whatever I want, whenever I want.” – Anand Prakash Bakhshi.


He wrote these affirmations too, on the first page of his writing-diary:

Om Namah Shivay

Jai shri Krishan bhagwan

Jai Hanuman

Jai Lakshmi mata

Jai Saraswati mata

Jai Durga mata

Jai Ram

Jai Baba Nanak

Jai Sai Baba

Jai Bajrang Bali

Jai Ma Sheranwali/Jai Mata di

Jai Ganesh

Jai Ajmer wale Khwaja

Jai Swani Nityanand

Jai Nagdevta, mere kul rakshak

Jai Shiv ji

Jai Ganesh Brahma Vishnu Mahesh

Jahan viraje Ram, Dar ka wahan kya hai kam?

Jai to myself, God bless me. God Bless my Home.


Anand Bakshi was also inspired by the following thoughts, which he noted in his personal diary over the years. Few of these quotes are his own, I believe. Some of these quotes he read in The Readers Digest and other print sources:



Rare indeed is the human birth. The human body is like a boat, the first and the foremost use of which is to carry us across oceans of life and death, to the shores of immortality. The Guru is the boatman, and God is the favorable wind. If with such means as these, man does not strive to cross the ocean of life and death, he is indeed spiritually dead.


Rarely would our father make us hear a song’s lyrics on writing it. This is a song whose lyrics he made us children hear and said – … irrespective of having family and friends around you, depend only on yourself to help yourself and others. No one is as dependable as you for yourself and others. (I am my best friend, and will never let myself down under any circumstances, as I will always be with me help myself, so I cannot ever be helpless.)His song ‘Mushkil mein hai kaun kissi ka, samjho iss raaz ko, lekar apna naam kabhi tum khud ko awaaz do’ … depend only on yourself, all on yourself when you are in trouble (Angaar 1992)


Happenings means life. Life brought me into this world of happenings. Death will take me back where nothing happens. Just nothing.It is only after death that nothing happens. After death a person goes into nothingness. (Chitti Na koi sandesh, jaane yeh kauna desh, jahan tum chale gaye- Dushman. feelings, no sound. I too will remain in that atmosphere of nothingness for a while, then again, something will happen, and I will get a new life, new name, new game, new people around me, new childhood, new body, each and everything new. What is there to worry? Nothing.Life and death are my permanent companions, as rebirth is a fact. This coming and going will go on forever. Life and death, both are very beautiful. Life is work, nothing else. Death is rest, nothing else. Without death, life has no beginning, no ending, no meaning. Why run away from death? Death is nowhere, yet everywhere, with you, within you. Accept that I cannot live forever. 


He who is not here, must be somewhere. He who is somewhere is not lost. Believe in immortality, and use it while living.  Though Earth and Moon were gone, and suns and universe ceased to be, and Thou were left alone, every existence would exist in Thee.


When we fear, we doubt God. Do I doubt God? No. I believe in God. I am myself a little proof of God. He is seven seas. I am a drop of water. I am from Him, for Him. (Main aatma, tu parmatma –


If you think you have got something for nothing, you have not received the bill yet.


I have never met a person who has given me more trouble than myself.


I meet trouble as a friend as I know I am going to see a lot of him, so I better be on good terms with it. Moreover, trouble creates a capacity to handle it.


Frustration is commonly the difference between what you would like to be, and what you are willing-to-sacrifice to become what you would like to be.


Do not try to do it – Do It!


Life is a chance. If you take it, it’s risky. If you do not take it, it’s dangerous.


You cannot cross a bridge before it comes. There is no bridge that cannot be crossed.


For every evil under the sun, there is a remedy, or there is none. If there is one, find it. If there is none, never mind it.


Things I could change, I changed to suit me. Things I could not change, I changed myself to suit them.


You can create that extra ordinary force within you, by using it. You cannot store it. You can only use it.


Troubles and Human beings are made for each other. They cannot be separated.


Courage is taking the step forward, into an area of difficulty, without a solution in mind, trusting that somehow help will become available.


Don’t resist fear. Come directly into contact with it to understand it. Relax, and enjoy the journey.