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YouTube playlist no 1 includes radio show (hosted on Radio Ceylon & Vividh Bharati) Geetmala’s weekly hits from 1962 to 2002.
It includes some of his UNRELEASED film’s songs. This playlist has songs from 1956 to 2012 and beyond, because many of his songs continue to be recreated even today. The songs towards the end of the YouTube playlist are not necessarily poplular and not necessarily in chronology, as I have posted some songs from unreleased films and some from previous decades that I came across only later as being popular or hit songs and I had missed out on them earlier while curating this playlist. From song no 897 onward I have posted almost every song of his chronologicaly, from 1956 to 1970s, that was avialble on YouTube; then I have gone on to post at least one song from every film (of the 630 released films he wrote for) even if it’s not a hit or popular song, so that a listener, particularly his fans, can get an idea of his pretty large body of work and find them in one playlist. Sorry, because of this the playlist is really long. Help me better this YouTube playlist. I may have missed out some songs so please let me know so I can update it. (write to me at or comment below on this post.) Thank you.

Almost every song has been repeated here for an alternate video and or for the sound quality, and that may irritate you, sorry, and some are repeated because they include the lyrics, and some are recent recreations made of the original. I have been collecting this data since 2002!!!! 18 years now. During the India Lockdown period I made this playlist, thanks to YouTube users posting these songs over the years (and I learnt COOKING too!

Anand Bakshi’s other playlists on youtube

Anand Bakshi’s 1stfilm – Bhala Admi 1958 – Playlist of his first film’s four songs:

He recites the first verse from his first film song in this radio interview with Ameen Sayani

2nd song

3rd song

4th song

Anand Bakshi’s first two hit songs

“Badi buland meri bhabhi ki pasand” (CID Girl 1959) was his first hit song, Music Roshan, and “Dard E Dil zara zara”, from the same film, is his second hit song. They are included in the YouTube playlist.

This is the first Hit song of Anand Bakshi’s career:

1. Badi Buland Meri Bhabhi Ki Pasand

2. Badi Buland Meri Bhabhi Ki Pasand

This is the second hit song of his career:

1. Dard-e-dil Zara

2. Dard-e-dil Zara

3. Dard-e-dil Zara

Anand bakshi’s unreleased songs

Here is a playlist of just his unreleased film songs and bhajans(The album missing is ‘Dhun” recorded in 2000 and composed by Raju Singh, published by Universal, sung by Sidharth Prem Krishen (Prem Nath) Malhotra.)

Anand Bakshi playlist of him singing at events (family & friends only)

Anand Bakshi’s documentaries, Tv/Radio interviews etc.

Anand Bakshi as playback singer in films

Anand Bakshi narrating his favourite poem he wrote for himself – audio


hey raam by anand bakshi

First song of Asha Bhosle and Anand Bakshi, music Anil Biswas

Tum kahe ko neha lagae – recorded on 28th June 1957

Aa dil ki baazi lagaa sung by Geeta Roy (Dutt) – recorded on 18 Aug 1957

Both songs from the unreleased film Jasoos (1957)

First song of M Rafi and AB recorded on 13th April 1958 (for film Sun Le Toh Haseena) – Banke teerandaz jaan le le

First song of Kishore Kumar and AB –kamla razia ya miss mary ya ho protam kaur recorded on Jan 21 1960

First song of Lata Mangeshkar and AB (Hit song) recorded on Nov 6 1960 , music Roshan.

Tum kahe ko neha lagae – recorded on 28th June 1957

First song of Roshan and AB (hit song) Badi buland meri Bhabhi ki pasand – recorded on July 4 1958, (monsoons), Film Warrant.

First song of Mukesh and AB – kite si wachan tu pyar nibhane on Feb 28th 1961, with Suman Hamrahi. Music S Mohinder

First song of Kalyanji Anand ji and AB Sambhal toh le dil deewana Phool bane Angarey – recorded on 16 July 1962 a hit song. Sung by Lata M.

Just like Roshan and Lata M, LP, even his first song with KA ji was a hit! naturally, these people would have LOVED to work with him again!

First song of LP and AB (super hit) – mere Mehboob Qayamat hogi – Mr X In Bombay – recorded with Kishore Kumar on 29 July 1963


Anand Bakshi Playlist @ Spotify:

Spotify playlists of his work with various music composers:

Anand Bakshi’s association with (nearly 95) Music Composers with @ Spotify playlists:

303 films with LP. Laxmikant & Pyarelal 1680 songs.

99 films with R D Burman.

34 films with KA. Kalyanji & Anandji.

26 with Anu Malik.

14 with S D Burman.

13 with Rajesh Roshan.

10 with Viju Shah.

10 with Anand & Milind.

8 with Bhappie Lahiri.

7 with Roshan.

7 with Jatin & Lalit.

7 with S. Mohinder.

7 with Uttam Singh.

7 with N. Datta. (Datta Naik)

5 with Shiv & Hari.

4 with Dilip Sen & Sameer Sen.

3 with A R Rahman.

3 with Ravindra Jain.

3 with Usha Khanna.

3 with S D Batish (Nirmal Kumar)

3 with Nikhil Kamath & Vinay Tiwari.

3 with Anand Raj Anand.

2 with Chitragupt.

2 with C. Ramchandra.

2 with Anil Biswas.

2 with Sardul Qatra.

2 with M. M. Kareem. (M. M. Keeravani)

2 with Nadeem & Shravan.

2 with Darshan Rathod & Sanjeev Rathod (Sanjeev Darshan).

2 with Datta Ram (Dattaram Wadkar)

2 with Amar Utpal

2 with Naushad

2 with Sajid & Wajid.

2 with Surendra Singh Sodhi.

1 with Shankar & Jaikishan.

1 with Vishal Bhardwaj.

1 with Ismail Darbar.

1 with Rahul Sharma.

1 with Nusrat Fatheh Ali Khan.

1 with Sukhwinder Singh.

1 with Salil Chowdhary.

1 with Nisar Bazmi.

1 with B N Bali.

1 with Ravi.

1 with Bulo C. Rani.

1 with Lachhiram.

1 with Vasant Desai.

1 with Raju Singh.

1 with G S Kohli.

1 with S N Tripathi.

1 with Dhansingh.

1 with Kishore Kumar.

1 with Sameer Phatarpekar.

1 with Sapan Chakraborty.

1 with Anjan Biswas.

1 with Neeraj Vora & Uttank Vora

1 with Babloo Chakravorty.

1 with Agosh.

1 with Vasu Mano. (unreleased?)

1 with Adnan Sami (incomplete/unreleased)

1 with Amjad Ali Khan. (incomplete/unreleased)