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Poem Anand Bakshi wrote to inspire himself in the beginning of his career.

Woh Tadbeerien nahin hotin

 “Jo tadbeeron se phir jaaein woh taqdeerein nahin hotin
Badal dein jo na taqdeerein woh tadbeerein nahin hotin

Mohabbat ke mahal ka to tassavur bhi nahin asaa-n
Wafa ke taj ki aasaan taamirein nahin hotin

Rihaai ka musammam azam (ahed) kar letey hain jab qaidi
Toh kaaraamad sitamgaaron ki zanjeerein nahin hotin

Mohabbat ka taalluq rooh se makhsoos hota hai
Yeh dil ki baat hai aur iss pe taqreerein nahin hotin

Samajh bhi lein mohabbat ko toh hum samjah nahin saktey
Kitab e Ishq ki lafzon mein tafseerein nahin hotin

Khuloos aur sadqe ke sajdon mein taseerein jo hotin hain
Dikhawe ki ibadat mein woh taseer nahin hotin

Khud unki dee-d se Bakhshi tassavur unka behtar hai
Ke itni be-murawwat unn ki tasveerein nahin hotin”

  • Anand Prakash Bakhshi

This poem was used in a film song, in an unreleased film Ek Hindustani (2001). Only the music was released in 2001. (Produced by Amar Sharma; Directed by Tinnu Anand; Music Anand Raj Anand.)


Such is not fate which is altered by plans

Such are not the plans, that do not alter the fate 

Hard to even imagine the picture of castle of love

Hard to even build the crown of love  

When the prisoners make firm commitment of freedom 

Then no chains of oppressors can stop them

  • Translated by Umar Riaz (Pakistan) – Maria Memon.)



His fair journal during his years with the Corps of Signals:


The army-trunk (suitcase) he travelled to Bambai with:


Poem written for his army comrades, passionately recited by radio presenter Arvind Balasubramanian (Radio One, Kolkata)

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