Dear Mother



A tribute for our mother, Kamla Bakshi:


I Love my mother from all the rest

She’s my shelter, she’s my nest



At the news of my arrival she wept with joy

Neither was she keen nor asked, “Girl or Boy”?



Her first words to me, “My Love, my dear”

Her next words to me, “Come near, be near”



My shell was dark

I had felt very lonely

I loved it when I heard “You’re my one and only”



I looked up to see this angel’s face

Who bore my weight for so long with grace.

Tears in her eyes

Radiant smile on her face

I felt I was her trump-card

I felt I was her ace



She held me in her arms

Eager to feed me milk

Her kisses on my chubby cheeks

Always felt soft as silk



What does an athlete think of water

On running a thousand miles?

Likewise I found her milk sweeter

Than Egyptians found their Nile



She helped me walk when I was small

Would come running before I fall



To the greens we walked

On days rainy, bright & sunny

Chased butterflies and watched

How bees make honey



I would fret & fume

If asked to share my toys

But then she always reminded me

“Now be a good Boy”



She would

Pull up my socks

Button up my shirt

Zip up my pants

Tuck in my shirt

My nails always clean

Hands and shoes free from dirt

‘To Love and Care for someone’

Is the reason for giving Birth



A woman leaving her parents

As a newlywed bride

First day at school

I missed her I howled & cried



Hand In Hand to school we walked

She would walk me till the gate

In my hands I carried the light chalk

In her’s she held my heavy slate



Her needs her desires

She put-off till tomorrow

The things she didn’t give me were

Pain & Sorrow






She lay on her death-bed

Breathing on the border line

The last smile on her face said

“I’ve had a fine life-time”



Then her palms went cold

Her feet went numb

She couldn’t hear me whisper

“I’ll miss you Mom”



We carried her on our shoulders

We didn’t feel her weight

I looked up and asked of HIM

“Why did you take my mate?”



Motionless she lay, on the pyre

Feeling nothing

Not even the fire



Till the moment she ceased to respire

She made our dreams come true

She fulfilled my every desire



GOD with MOTHER I compare

Both when needed are always there



All find the need, cherish the desire

For our mother’s touch

Lifelong we will aspire



Put down all your money

Take on a bet!

A mother’s the best bargain

From the Gods one gets



Cherish your ‘mumma’ while she is alive.

  • Daboo (Rakesh Anand Bakshi)


Qualified in tailoring, Kamla Mohan Bakshi:




Birthday wishes for mom, April 16th 1990


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