Daughters’ Day


“What do you want for your birthday, dear dad?”
Daughters: Should we buy you Scotch, a sturdy pen or a bagWhat would you really like, for your birthday, dear dad?
Daddy: I don’t want a warm sweater, I don’t want a watchI don’t want 555 cigarettes, or my favorite scotch.I don’t want a Tshirt, or the most beautiful tieWhat I really want is something money cannot buy.
Daughters: Oh! Don’t make a fuss daddy, please help us selectWhat would you really want, for your birthday, dearest dad?
Daddy: Okay. If you want to make me happy, make my heart glad, just tell me once again, you are fond of your dad.
Daughters: You are our mother, more than you are just our dadWe are fortunate to have you as both, dear dad.
Daddy: (Tears in his eyes, hides his face) Now get on with your shopping, buy things only for Mummy and yourselfJust your tightest hug and your biggest kiss, for myself.
Both daughters rush to daddy and envelop him with their four arms.
– Rakesh Anand Bakshi
– (I wrote this years ago, keeping in mind my two sisters Suman Datt and Kavita Bali and our daddy)